MobiSafe Portable Security for Electronics- 2 Pack

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):   SX-984
DropshipDirect™ SKU Number:   DFJMSSX-984
UPC/ISBN:    027536990011
Brand:  FJM Security

Quantity: 141 units

Product Type:  Security Locks
MSRP (Suggested Retail Price):   $ 29.95
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Never worry about your iPod, phone or camera being stolen from your bag! The MobiSafe is the smart way to secure valuables while walking around on campus, at the gym, or during activities. The MobiSafe secures your MP3 player while you use it. Small openings on the side allow for headphones to be attached while your iPod remains locked up.

Lock up your camera, cash, keys while at the beach, pool, park or anywhere else you do not want to be tied down with full pockets!

The MobiSafe has a front opening face, that closes and it secured by a locking head with 10,000 possible combinations. The MobiSafe is attached to your stationary item with a vinyl coated steel aircraft locking cable.

Dimensional Weight: 1.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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