Iconic Pet - Large Retractable Dog Leash with Side Cover Plates - Blue

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UPC/ISBN:    700371158101
Brand:  Iconic Pet

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Product Type:  Leashes/Collars
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Tape length : 16ft (5 Meters) Strength : 110lbs (50 kgs)
The retractable dog leash is made of TPE and ABS, which is eco-friendly and it has nickel snap hook and nylon leash.
Instructions to Use: • Hold the retractable leash by the handle, not by the leash cord. • To lock, press down and hold the button until it clicks. The leash will stay locked as long as the button is pressed. • To unlock, press and release the button with your thumb, so that the leash can run in and out freely without sagging.
Warning: • Never grab the leash cord with your hand or fingers, as it may harm you. • When the dog is attached to the retractable leash, do not grab your dog unnecessarily; it may hurt you and your dog. • Visual inspection of leash, cord and metal ring is necessary before each use. • Do not open the casing, the spring inside may hurt you. • Pay attention to the rapid retraction of the metal buckle. • Keep out of reach of children. • This product is intended for securing your pet during walks. Do not use this item as a stationary tie-out. • A longer leash gives the dog greater freedom, so keep under supervision. • If the lead become wet, pull it out from the casing as far as it can and leave it to dry. • The length and strength of the leash specified is approximate.\

Dimensional Weight: 1.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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