Iconic Pet - Heavy Duty Metal Tube pen Pet Dog Exercise and Training Playpen - 24in Height

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):   92147
DropshipDirect™ SKU Number:   DICON92147
UPC/ISBN:    799665921477
Brand:  Iconic Pet

Quantity: 53 units

Product Type:  Pet Care
MSRP (Suggested Retail Price):   $ 139.99
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Dimensions: 85x85x24
Iconic Pet Metal Tube Playpen is great place for your pet to play or exercise and can be used both indoors or outdoors.
The playpen features eight panels that can form many shapes and easily break down for storage when not in use.
This playpen is safe and convenient enclosure for your pet. 
Includes 8 interlocking panels made from heavy duty metal. 
Double metal door latch keeps pets safely inside. 
Easy to assembled without any tools & suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Our pet playpen is specifically designed for ultimate versatility in any situation even to give training for your pet.
This play pen can be used for a variety of pets. In addition to being versatile, these pet playpens are also highly portable, which allows pet owners to easily take the pet playpen along on any outing. 
The pet play pen panels dont just keep pets contained, but also provide ample visibility in order for owner to easily keep an eye on pets.\

Dimensional Weight: 39.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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