Iconic Pet Deshedding Comb (Plus Series) - Blue

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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):   15838
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UPC/ISBN:    700371158385
Brand:  Iconic Pet

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Product Type:  Pet Care
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Width of Head : 68mm. Total Length of Comb:180mm. Number of Blades:11pcs.
The double sided comb has a comfortable grip made of TPE and PP, which are eco-friendly.
Sharp double sided blades could easily remove mats and knots without damaging the coat length.
Instructions to Use:• Hold the root of the pets hair and gently comb the mats.• Do not comb the hard knot by force, work gently to separate the hair.• Remove knotted hair as early as possible.• Useful for long coated breeds.
Warning: • This product is intended for pets only.• Extreme pressure of the comb will lead to skin inflammation.• Keep out of reach of children.• Dont leave pet unattended.\

Dimensional Weight: 1.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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