Hoppy Universal Trailer Wiring Kit

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Trailer Wiring Kit for Vehicles with Common Bulb Turn Signals & Brake Lights
This Hoppy trailer wiring kit is for vehicles with common bulb turn signals and brake lights.* This kit connects the common bulb taillight system of the tow vehicle (your car, truck or SUV) to the common bulb taillight system of the trailer (a common bulb taillight system uses a single bulb for brake AND turn signal functions). This Hoppy trailer wiring kit contains the standard 4-wire flat connector plug and can power 2.1 amps per stop / turn signal. Includes the following items:
Professional circuit tester, Terminal grease packet, 4-wire flat plug, Wires, Snap together terminal connectors (no cutting, soldering, or taping)
Plastic plug cover, and Do It Yourself installation instructions. You can tell if your tow vehicle (car, truck or SUV) has a common tail light / turn signal system by looking at the taillights (you may have to remove the plastic lens). If the brake light and turn signal are inside a single light bulb it is a COMMON bulb system. If there are separate bulbs for the brake light and the turn signal then it IS an independent bulb system and you can not use this kit.

Dimensional Weight: 3.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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