Hoppy Trailer Wiring Kit 1992-1994 Chevy Blazer

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Brand:  Hoppy

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1992-1994 Chevy Full Size Blazer Trailer Wiring Kit - This trailer wiring kit has everything you need for your Chevy Full Size pickup or Full Size Chevy Blazer that has the "tow option" installed. The tow option provides the plug necessary for this trailer wiring kit. If your truck does not have the tow option installed, use a Trailer Wiring kit. If you're not sure if your truck has the tow option, contact manufacturer to identify it.
This trailer wiring kit features: No cutting! No taping! No soldering! Designed for: 1992, 1993 & 1994 Chevy Full Size Blazers and pickups. Weather tight 4-way plug cap included. Terminal grease packet included (eases terminal wear and prevents corrosion). Easy to follow instructions included . Check owners manual for towing capacities. Pictures may not depict actual items.

Dimensional Weight: 3.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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