Hand Rotary Barrel Pump

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):   ATD-5009
DropshipDirect™ SKU Number:   DATDTATD-5009
UPC/ISBN:    663126050092
Brand:  ATD Tools

Quantity: 5 units

Product Type:  Shop Equipment
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Hand Rotary Barrel Pump

Fits 30 Gal. to 55 Gal. barrels
Delivery: 5 Gal. or 20 L-105 turns or 6 oz.-turn for 3/4" pump
5 Gal. or 20 L-72 turns or 8 oz. turn for 1" pump
Complete with the choice of a 3-piece rigid extension tube or a telescopic suction tube, 2" cast iron bung nut and steel discharge spout
Suitable for transferring non-corrosive petroleum based fluids, kerosene, diesel fuel and light oils
Do not use with acids or alkaline solutions, trichlene, perchlene, thinner, etc.
Pump inlet threaded 1" designed for volume discharge of low to medium viscosity media
Extremely Heavy-duty and rugged weighing 14.5 lbs.
Pump body is sturdy-cast iron with precisely machined cast iron vanes for better draw and smoother delivery
Pump seals are made from Hi-nitrile rubber

Dimensional Weight: 16.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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