Coolant Refractometer

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Brand:  ATD Tools

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Coolant Refractometer

High-quality refractometer offers a fast, easy way to test the freezing point of coolant/anti-freeze
Works with Ethylene or Propylene Glycol or long-life anti-freeze
Also measures battery acid gravity to determine battery life
Automatic temperature compensation
Large, easy-to-read graphics and high-contrast lens
Adjustable viewfinder; rugged, steel body construction
Includes storage case, fluid dropper, cleaning cloth and mini screwdriver



Ethylene Glycol: -84˚F to 32˚F
Propylene Glycol: -60˚F to 32˚F
Battery: 1.100-1.400 Specific Gravity

Minimum Division:

Ethylene Glycol: 5˚F
Propylene Glycol: 5˚F
Battery: 0.01 Specific Gravity


Ethylene Glycol: ±5˚F
Propylene Glycol: ±5˚F
Battery: ±0.01 Specific Gravity

Dimensional Weight: 1.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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