Chaacoca Argan Oil Gift Set

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):   2091
DropshipDirect™ SKU Number:   DCHAA2091
UPC/ISBN:    857518002091
Brand:  Chaacoca

Quantity: 82 units

Product Type:  Hair Care
MSRP (Suggested Retail Price):   $ 84.00
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This duo of tassel-topped bottles unleashes myriad benefits for skin, hair, and nails. The argan-oil-enhanced treatment is specially formulated to instantly absorb into the hair, nourishing damaged strands and soothing frizz. It also hydrates and conditions, enhancing shine and softness without weighing down manes. Pure argan oil—naturally rich in omega-6, vitamin E, and antioxidants—benefits whatever it touches. It can revive the shine in dull hair and guard against the damage caused by styling your hair with a blowtorch. When dabbed on skin, it can increase elasticity and moisturize as well as help to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It also helps make cuticles softer and more manageable and strengthens nails.

Dimensional Weight: 1.5 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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