APM41 Praying Mantis Catchers Mitt Right Hand Throw

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):   APM41
DropshipDirect™ SKU Number:   DAKADAPM41
UPC/ISBN:    879297000266
Brand:  Akadema

Quantity: 23 units

Product Type:  Catcher
MSRP (Suggested Retail Price):   $ 199.99
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\"33\" circumference, Praying Mantis pattern, Precision leather, Spiral-Lock web, open back, medium pocket. Right throw only. With new patent \"Stress Wedge\" technology, located between the index finger and thumb, the Praying Mantis offers shock-absorbing protection for the hand against injury and sting when receiving the ball. The Praying Mantis also offers two additional \"Finger Hammocks\" allowing the fingers to be firmly positioned and more secure in the glove. Additional features include the \"Double-sided Slim Padding\" allowing for increased pocket size and easier ball retention. Uniquely designed shape allows the throwing hand easier access into the pocket, resulting in a quicker glove to hand transfer and faster times to second base. The Praying Mantis also features a \"Double Flexhinge\" which makes the glove snap closed on contact. The latest glove series by Akadema uses Precision Kip leather that is 20% lighter and tighter grained than steerhide. The Hides are harvested in Europe and tanned in Japan. The gloves are more pliable, easier to break in and have more tensile strength than our competitors glove lines.

Dimensional Weight: 2.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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Date Product Added:   01/20/16 at 06:24:56 PM

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