2 Pack Non-Skid Spaniel/Cocker Bowl for dog - 16oz - 2 cup

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):   51430
DropshipDirect™ SKU Number:   DICON51430
UPC/ISBN:    601393514305
Brand:  Iconic Pet

Quantity: 245 units

Product Type:  Pet Dishes
MSRP (Suggested Retail Price):   $ 22.98
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This heavy weight Non-Skid spaniel/cocker bowl is made of stainless steel which is rust free, odour resistant and non chewable by pets
This is a bowl for any dog but is especially designed for the long-eared dog to keep the ears from falling into the bowl
This bowl has a non skid rubber bottom that prevents sliding and provides more stability so that your pet can enjoy the food
This Iconic Pet stainless steel pet food bowl provides comfort for your pet while eating or drinking
Bowl without rubber ring is dishwasher safe and hand wash the rubber ring separately.\

Dimensional Weight: 1.0 lb
Country Origin: unknown

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